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Nithiin, who scored a business hit with Bhishma, disappointed with Chek, Rang De and Maestro. With this, he chose to make a business film once more and the film he made under his own pennant Shreshth Motion pictures was ‘Macherla Niyojakavargam’. Proofreader SR Sekhar made his first time at the helm with this film. It should be said that Nitin assuming the part of a gatherer is a piece unique. As the film trailer and melodies are fascinating, the assumptions on the film have expanded. What’s more, to know whether Nitin broke his disappointments and scored a did he please the audience..let’s go into the story first..


After the passing of MLA Nagappa of Macharla electorate, the party feels that his child Rajappa (Samudra Khani) ought not be given the seat. However.. with his rowdyism he will make no political race by any means in Machar’s voting public. Rajappa governed the Machars without confronting him for right around thirty years. He kills each and every individual who goes over him, be it the average folks or the specialists.

In the event that the scene is cut, the kid Sidhu pseudonym Siddharth Reddy (Nithin) in Vizag will finish his civils and sit tight for the posting. He is cherished by the clergyman’s girl Jhansi (Catherine Tresa). Be that as it may, he considers her to be a companion. One day Sidhu coincidentally sees a young lady named Swati (Kriti Shetty) at Vizag ocean side. He falls head over heels for her. She leaves before he can persuade her regarding his affection. In the province where Tira Sidhu resides, Gunthalakidi Gurnatham (Vennela Kishore) who is nearby to them gets back home. Since Gurnatham will be her brother by marriage.

Sidhu comes to realize that Swati has come to his nearby and attempts to draw nearer to her. Simultaneously, Sidhu likewise assists Swati with meeting the city official and attorney Satyamurthy. In any case, one day Swati out of nowhere vanishes. Sidhu Macharla comes searching for her. There, Rajappa’s child Veera saves Swati when she is going to be killed. Simultaneously, Sidhu comes to realize that he has a posting as a gatherer in Guntur.

Simultaneously, Sidhu finds out about Rajappa and his offenses. Realizing that Rajappa has been keeping decisions from occurring in Machharla for a very long time, he needs to really take a look at his activities. What steps Sidhu takes as a gatherer.. What steps Rajappa takes.. For what reason does Rajappa really need to kill Swathi.. You need to watch the film.


It is essentially on the right track for each legend to need to act in business design motion pictures to associate with the crowd. However, assuming you observe a few motion pictures, you can’t resist the urge to feel that the business organization ought to be in a similar style. ‘Macharla Supporters’ has joined the rundown of whatever motion pictures. At the point when the film was reported, the crowd got intrigued when it came out that Nitin will assume the part of a gatherer. Everybody needed to perceive how Nitin would dazzle in a job that he has not done work now. Aside from that, there is no question that Nitin’s film under his own flag has additionally expanded the assumptions for the film.

Yet, as referenced prior, Nitin’s job as a gatherer is new, yet the story and plot woven around it are standard and exhausting. In one region, the bad guy ensures that nobody remains against him. Everybody including the Main Clergyman is apprehensive. In any case, the legend goes against him. However long the legend takes care of his business, nobody thinks often about different officials and the police. In somewhere around 10 minutes of the beginning of the film, the typical watcher understands what the film will be like. Furthermore, when the film comes to the span, it turns out to be obvious what Senkodoff will be like. Alright! Regardless of whether the fact of the matter is old, the scenes in view of it are new.

Nitin changed his look a little and attempted to dazzle with another look. He needed to drive the film forward himself. In any case.. the normal story and story wear the crowd out. Kriti Shetty’s job is very little significant. Assuming her personality is that way, the less said about Catherine’s personality, the better. In the film, Vennela Kishore’s personality attempted to make her chuckle. Vennela Kishore as Gunthalakidi Gurnath of Self image Ka Baap attempted to engage the crowd in the main half with his comedic timing. Furthermore, in the primary staff, it appeared to be that the extent of his job was more than that of Nitin. There is the same old thing in Samudra Khan’s villainy. It should be said that he likewise conveyed his characters just. Furthermore, Murali Sharma, Indraja, Rajendra Prasad, Shubhalekha Sudhakar all acted to the degree of their jobs. Mahathi Swara Sagar’s music is alright.. however, the ambient sound isn’t great. Prasad Murella’s cinematography is great.

Manager turned chief S.R.Sekhar.. I don’t have the foggiest idea why he composed such a standard story. I don’t see the reason why Nithin made the film trusting it.

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